2014 m. gegužės 15 d., ketvirtadienis

Android Application is on the way! :)

Hi everyone!

  I am very happy to announce that we have started building our own Android app for AcroYoga Lt! :)

  It is a big thing, which would allow us to have a consistent stream of informaton and nicest and easiest way for everyone of You to see what is comming up ;-)

  This app should be fine for both Android and Kindle, Nokia X and Blackberry testings should be soon as well, iPhone app creation is a totally different animal so we will have to wait, how it goes with android.. iOS has specific requirements as of I must have a mac, for which I am not ready, yet :D

  Nevertheless please look down and say how do You think it looks?

  We have created a page for AcroYoga Lt: https://www.facebook.com/AcroYogaLt since group events can't be handled outside groups :) 

  As not only page gives more control for admins to keep it nice and tidy (not limiting users to contribute, but on the contrary), but also gives us opportunity to use these applications to full potential :)


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